i used this code to display a clock.

<script type="text/javascript">
var int=self.setInterval("clock()",1000);
function clock()
var d=new Date();
var t=d.toLocaleTimeString();

in firefox it displays like this 7:25:00 PM
and in Chrome 19:25:39
i want to show a similar clock as in firefox in Chrome. How can i change it?

mmm i was seeking an easy solution than hard cording.

function clickCheck(obj,rbselfcollection)
 if (rbselfcollection.checked) {

         alert("First CheckSelf-Collection by User at");

i am using onmousedown="clickCheck(rbself1,rbselfcollection) in the calling radiobutton tag.

This code is working fine in IE.....how can i change it to Firefox Browser? can any one pls assist?

Next time, please do not high jack other's post. You could create a new one for your question.

To answer your question, could you post your HTML portion of the function call? Currently, it seems that you pass in wrong variables. In IE, it may handle differently (in a non-standard way).