Hi. I'm using vs2008 and asp.net masterpages. One of my pages is in my administration area on my server. When I visit this page, I can click a button which begins sending newsletters out to my membership 50 at a time and every 11 minutes (as specified by my email provider).

My question is this... The timer works great - if the browser remains open and I remain on the page or keep it open in a second tab. But once in a while I accidentally close Firefox and the timer (and my email sending) stops.

Is there any way the timer can be set to maintain state so that it continues to fire on the server even when I close my browser or surf to another web address?

Many thanks for your time.


I'm sorry to say, No.
Any timer, either on an ASP.NET page or in an Ajax method, are tied to be run while in an opened browser.
The only way I can think of would be if you could have a script available, that takes care of sending those newsletters, and also be able to manipulate the servers scheduling agent.

What I'm thinking here is that when you click the button, you create a new schedule that executes said script.
But unless it's your own server, I doubt that any web host would allow you access to Windows core services.

If that was possible, the scheduler would take care of sending those newsletters for you.

Food for thought oxiegen and I thank you. I do run my own colocated server so do have full access and will look into it.

All the best.