I'm simply need to convert a string like:




it should be easy I'm sure, but I can't get it :(

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Mmmm dunno if explode is the best option, the reason is that
I have this string: /blablabla/123123 thousands of times but the unique things that are always the same are the two "//", blablabla and 123123 are changing always in value and also length, I "simply" need to replace the content between the slashes with "" (I mean delete this content) and delete also both slashes

If you need two segments, use explode():

$a = '/blablabla/123123';
$b = explode('/',$a);
echo $b[2];

If you need a single string then use str_replace():

$a = '/blablabla/123123';
$b = str_replace('/','',$a);
echo $b;


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$str = "//abdhbw/1234/acljk/5678/qacjk";
echo preg_replace("/[\D]+)/","",$str);

You don't state whether you want the values into an array or whether you just want one long string of numbers. The code gives long number.

If you're certain you don't have any values like /0/, you can use this to put them into an array:

$str = "//abdhBw/1234/acljk/5678/qacjk";
$r = array_filter(preg_split("/[\D]+/",$str));

But just in case, you can do this:

$str = "//abdhBw/1234/acl0jk/5678/qacjk";
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@ardav PERFECT! Thank you!

Oh, now I understand what you where asking for.. :D

@cereal Is more than probable that was my fault and my english, I'm doing my best, but its hard when you talk about a thing that's not yours and do it in a language that also its not yours... I master of mess ;)

Thank you any way! I luv this site and its members!

Hi everybody again, The revenge is here! ;)

Bug found in the provided solution: but its not your fault ardav it mine.

Well the problem is that sometimes the "blablabla" section can contain also numbers, so the correct question is, how to delete inside a string like;


The conten between the slashes?

Massive thanks! ;)

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Maybe cut on '/' and check the contents for integer type.

$t = "/aldscb1234wder/q1274/12643yujo/243724/";
		$partz = explode("/",$t);
		foreach($partz as $part){
			 $new_r[] = $part;	

or even:

$t = "/aldscb1234wder/123//q1274/12643yujo/243724/";
$r = str_replace("/","",$matches[0]);

however, this won't be positive for start of string or end of string numbers unless there are / at start and end.


OK fixed

$t = "123/aldscb1234wder///1274/12643yujo/243724/q23";
$r = str_replace("/","",$matches[0]);

THat will return integers at the start and end of your string.

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Perfect Again!!! I've added this to store the result in a variable:

$t = "/blablabl342/11846290496/";
$r = str_replace("/","",$matches[0]);
$result= $r[0];
echo $result; (result as I needed to play with.... ;))

T H A N K S ! ! ! !

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OK, mark as solved with the link below the edit box.

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