Hey guys,
Recently a friend of mine asked me to help her with her magazine website. I gave this website a look and figured out that it might be that tabs are not directing to the right URL or there are some files missing from the server. I have never worked on PHP before and therefore I have no clue whatsoever, where to start from? I need help

website is http://www.pakistanzindabad.pk
please help me

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This is mainly because she use wordpress to develop the theme and she probably change the permalink type. Try ask her to review and double check the permalink type.

if u messed with the .htacess file this would cause it. also make sure mod rewrite is turned on.

She does not know anything about it someone created the site for her, can you specify how can I change the permlink type and turn the rewrite on?
I believe .htaccess is something that should be created automatically? correct me please if I am wrong.

I faced the problem before. Try put /%postname% into the custom permalink instead of yours. If this don't solve your problem, post your custom permalink code here.

The htacess is there already in wordpress. If u installed a bad plug-in and it uses mod-rewrite then it could be the cause.

Mod-rewrite should be turned on already if u are hosting it through hostgator or any other hosting company. If its winamp then u must turn it on yourself. which is run from ur home.

So what i did when my plug in messed up my links. I downloaded wordpress and took out the htacess from the main root directory and replace my old one. Shouldnt cause any issues at all. try that out.

IF the issue with the links was always there right from install could be because your running the site from a subdomain or other reasons like mod-rewrite is off.

otherwise replacing the htacess with a fresh one from wordpress should fix it.

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