Let me start by lettin Ya know I've attempted to see if what I need is in other posts, but i either didn't search the right parameters or just didn't know what i was looking at.. I know enough php to collect data and that's about it :-(

I have a db that is updated by various apps/scripts.. batch/excel and recently added php forms to allow info to be submitted via the phones.. that new info is kept on the web service and ftp'd down and my server during its script execution adds valid info into the db [to maintain my home network security..]

What I would like to do is add a line in the script to spit out a url with the item to be updated to a new page that is built after an update that lists all the bad records. so all that is needed is to to select it and start a new form with the old incorrect ID and new correct ID already inserted.. and the fields for new info ready for input..

Can I have it submit the New data to the same original htm or php page that generated it in the first place?

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You could try generating a GET link towards that form, having it's false (an correct) ID'S in it.
you can then use <input type="text" name="blahbla" value="<?php $_GET;?>">
If you generate this page WITHOUT the GET value, it'll show an empty field.

Ahh Thank You.... I see what I was doing.. not doing correctly..
so to be on the safe side I should simply have a new 'itemupdate.php' type page just for this?

Thanks again.. it worked :-)

After getting the page up the <input type="text" name="NWID" value="<?php $_GET;?>"> and subsqnt ODid Oid fields showed notta..
but the echo statements did work below
<?php echo $_GET["Nid"]; ?> <br/>
<?php echo $_GET["Oid"]; ?> <br/>

when passed to the 2nd submit form there was no variable..

You didn't use echo() in your value field, which is still necessary :)

Thanks for the assist. i'll keep readin' up on php & pick up on the project later. Have great one..

I've been rooting around trying differnt methods.. but I am missing something

I have the url generated to thow at the page say Somesite.com\zsup.php?Inid=598754

I have my temp working php file up zsup.php. when hit with the URL Info of Inid does for some reason the GET wasn't working but the REQUEST
<input type="text" name="Inid" value="<?php echo $_REQUEST["Inid"]; ?>" />
Worked and submitted to the csv file just fine.. go figure

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