forgive me if this is a silly question, i've started work on my first "real" web site and have hit some doubt in my mind, could someone please just confirm if i'm on the right track...?

if i have a label control and in the page load have label1.text = membership.getuser.provideruserkey.tostring()... and from that all datacontrols feed off the userkey, will each user that visits the page see the right data or do i have to put the userkey as a querystring?

sorry, just one more quick question regarding this, is there any reason why i cant put a login control on every page and let the page refresh itself when the user signs in??? put it another way, is there a reason why the login control usually have its own page..???

thanks for the help in advance...

For your first question, it should work fine depending on the logic you use of course. You could query strings or session to pass user data around if you need to move from page t page however.

You can put a log in control wherever you want. I find including another page just to hold two text boxes and a button is a waste so I normally include the log in area on the top right and once logged in this area can hold basic account info (whatever seems relevant) and a log out link. This may best be done using a user control and some custom code of your rather than the actual .net login control. I hardly use that.

Hope that helps,

hi steve...

thanks for the answer, it helps a lot...