Hi all,

I have two questions about retrieving questions from another website. I read on this forum you can use cURL to obtain a websites code, is there a way to narrow down that code and only display a certain part of it. For example I want to use the open parties from this page: https://annablais.scentsy.us and have it displayed on http://meltmyscents.com.

Then my second question would be almost the same but is there a way to display https://annablais.scentsy.us/Newsletter on http://meltmyscents.com/index.php/newsletter but have it submit to the first site without leaving the second one?

Thanks all for you help, oh and if you have an easier way to do any of it I would be greatly appreciated!

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You can extract data dynamically (screen scraping) with Curl and other tools. You could use this for the "Open Parties".

Since the Newsletter is just a signup form, it doesn't make sense to extract it dynamically. Just copy the code, modify it if necessary then include it in your site.

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