I need to freeze the two columns from the large amount of data which is fetched from database using php.
For e.g

using the table students
column name:- id, name, class, section, roll number,remarks,address,etc...

I want to freeze two colums i.e id and name, so how can i create a script for this.

please help me...

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Please explain what you mean by 'freeze'.

generally Freeze option is used in excel sheets if you want to see then check in microsoft office excel 2007-> view-> freeze panes(freeze top row & freeze first column)

You mean you don't want to edit them ? I don't use Excel, so I can't check what you describe. In PHP you determine what happens with the data, so if you already have some code, show it, so we can help you adjust it.

I need a way to scroll down the rows, but still see the columns headings.

Did you write it yourself, or are you using a tool like DataTables (they have built-in support for this)?

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This is more to do with html I guess.

The headers I'd imagine being fixed as 'absolute' in your css file.

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You can use an css overflow for the tbody, leaving a static thead. I think. Haven't tried it. Will that do?

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