Why is widdit loading on my website? it never stops loading and i havent used widdit before in any codes...etc.
The widdit load is ruining my site.

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do you have any advertising?
I can't see how the hell you've got it unless you've uploaded it/coded it or you've given space to a 3rd party app.


i have no idea...iv'e gone trough every files included too.
But maybe it will sort out, or maybe its sort of an browser addon?


or maybe its sort of an browser addon?

Try another browser or use same browser with all addons disabled

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Hi there,
Hopefully we can help here. We're working hard in order to make sure we're providing the best service possible, and that no misuse of our services and technology has been done.
If you're still looking to disable the service, we’ve made it easy with detailed instructions on our support page at: http://widdit.com/howtoremove.aspx

We’ll also highly appreciate if you can submit your comments on our feedback page – this can help us track any source of misuse.
Kind regards,
Widdit Support Team

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