Hi i am trying to sort out a complicated part of my website and its a bit complicated, so i will try and explain it as easily as possible. Basically i am dealing with two tables one has a list of records, the main field is offer_id, the second table is a list of some of the same offer_id's basically i need to select all the offer_id's from the first table where they are not included in the second table.

Hopefully someone will be able to understand this.

To make my situation a little more complicated my website is a membership site so there are different users in the second table, so i need to select all of the offer_id's from the first table where the offer_id is not in the second table along with the user_id joined to it in each record.

To make it a little easier i am listing the two tables along with the fields below as an example

table1 = offer_id

table2 = user_id, offer_id

I am really sorry if this is not making sense but i am trying to make it as simple as possible.

Thanks for the help