Greetings All,

My Setup:
- Windows XP
- Apache 2.0.52
- PHP 5.0.3
- PHP Nuke 7.8

My Problem:
After attempting to upgrade from PHP 5.0.3 to a later version, Apache no longer reconizes my PHP website

What I tried to do:
I had a perfectly running Web site using the above configuration now for about 2 years. I wanted to implenent a new module with PHPNuke called "Gallery" so that the people who use my website can upload ScreenShots from the different video games they play. This "Gallery" required a higher version of PHP, so I figured I would upgrade it.

My Mistake:
Like an idiot, I didn't think of all the detail this involved to get upgraded and I (backing up EVERYTHING mind you) deleted my old php files in C:\php\ and just placed the new ones in there.

After making my mistake, the .php did not come up and it ended up just bringing up a blank page. Currently I have a sad .html document stating why the website is down as my website's homepage, but still can access the index.php file. When I check the source for the index.php file I get the following:


That is it. The .php is filled with more text that that (obviosly) but right now all that I see is the above in the source and nothing on my IE/Firefox

Thing I have tried:
- I have Googled for hours on any glimpse of light and everyone says the same thing: To install PHP you need to use the php.ini and enter in 3 lines of code into your httpd.conf file and it magically works.
- I have tried to use the php.ini-reccomended/php.ini-dist
- I have tried to install PHP as a CGI and as a Module
- I have tried to read my entire .conf file and make sure all settings are correct
- I have tried to place my php.ini file in: c:\php;c:\windows;C:\Apacheserverdir\bin\
- I have tried restart after restart of Apache AND of my Comptuer
- I have tried deleting everything and starting over

- C:\php and C:\php\ext ARE in my system path
- This worked just swell before I tried to "install" the new version
- My 'Apache Service Monitor' says in the bottom "Apache/2.0.52 (Win32) PHP/5.0.3" so it looks like it sees it?

Here are my php.ini and .config file:

Personal Notes:
I really would like to get my website back... I am reaching out to you folks becasue I think you know how to get me back up and running. I hope I have given you all enough information as to what I have, what happened, and what I am up againts.
I've read a lot of documents, help files, readmes, so that maybe I could fix it myself, but I have lacked to do so.
If someone could please help me out, it would really make my day. :)

Thank You,

Derrick J. Gebhard

Greetings Again,

Now mind you I try to be a strong man, but when I saw that my post recieved about 17 views and yet no help, I almost cried.. :)

However, after yet MANY more hours of working on my site, I finally fixed it, and if anyone else needs this information I am glad to give it...

I don't REALLY know what all I did in the past hours.. I changed a lot.. a whole lot.. but I think this is what I did..

How I think I got it to work:
- Turned all error logging on in my php.ini file:
This allowed me to see SOME of my .php page, but with a lot of errors, mainly "Undefined" errors and such.
- Googled some of the errors:
This, to no surprise, only opened the floor to more questions than it did answers which irrated me
- I then was thinking that this is alchoholizum begains :)
- I then came upon a web site that said that MyPHP is not automatically enabled in the php.ini file, and that it must be manually turned on, so I did that. To do this, goto your php.ini and uncomment (take away the ; infront of)


I restarted my computer assuming the same thing (errors/blank page) but No! It was all there! It was alive once more!

In the end what I think happened:
When I tried upgrading my PHP I not only tried to delete everything and start a new, I used the "windows installer" to try and instal the new version. I believe that this might have replaced what I though was my "original" php.ini in the \windowsdir\ with a brand new one.

Who knows..?? What do I care anyway, I got it working!! WOOT! :lol: :lol:

Thank you for the place to post my problem and I hope this helps others in there quest to get things working,


So.. I still need to upgrade PHP.. :lol: