i am looking at a way of integrating an email system where users can check their own email from within the system and email from it. basicaly within the cms they should have the ability to login to their pop3 email if possible. only problem is that the cms will be hosted on a different domain and server from their email accounts. for example they may have a pop3 work email or a gmail account etc.

i have seen systems online advertise that they can send emails from their domain and i want to know how this can be done?

i know i could install squirel mail or something however will this allow the user to send email from their account on my domian?

thanks as always

It may be a cheap trick but probably the simplest way would be to open up the mail system in an iframe. This is really simple and provides the benefit of the features and the interface that is already built into the mail systems. You could build a POP3 or IMAP interface to receive / send mail to the mail systems but that would be a lot more work and the extra benefits would be ???

the thing is people want to send emails from their email account but within my cms system which is held on a different domain. others do it, for example i know you can do something similar from sugar crm but unsure how it works and if it will not be classed as spam?

This sounds like it will be very tricky considering not all emails are going to work the same (does gmail and yahoo function the exact same way?).

The PHPMail package does give you the ability to do smtp logins (even if password protected), but you'll need to really know the specifics of each email host you'll be supporting.

Are you trying to develop an all-in-one email web site? I'm not exactly sure how you'll "receive" the mail (ie: display their inbox). As already suggested, you can use iframes, but it's possible that some email services will block those capabilities.

hi, basically if you go onto some sites and someone makes a booking it sends an email like this:

email@domain.com [email@domain.com] on behalf of joe@bloggs.co.uk [joe@bloggs.co.uk]

it shows in outlook like this and i want to users to be able to send a message from the site which will come into the persons mailbox like this. it can be done as other systems do it but i am unsure how to do it with php. exchange does it easily but this would be a website like others out there.