Hey! I develop a search engine, most of the engine is finished. The only thing missing now is PageRank. Is there any type of opportunities to write a PageRank in PHP? I have saved the information / data in a MySQL database. The table looks like this:

ID Title Keywords Description Pagesize Backwordlink Domain

Any idea or code, please leave a feedback :)
take a look: http://www.eoop.org

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You can certainly use a field like page_impressions in your DB that will increment the total views everytime a page is opened/viewed. You can set a session vars also, so that multiple views within a session are not incremented. You can log IP addresses etc.

However, Google has analytics API you may be able to use.


Probably easier than rolling your own.


Hi I am eoop.org's partner in the search engine project. At the moment we don't have the number of pages linking back to the page but only the name of the page from which the crawler arrived to that page ! Until we crawl the entire web which can take months we might not have the exact number of back links if we only use site names that link back ! Any idea how we might find the number of back links to a page - may be an intelligent crawler or something !?? And as he asked is back link truly necessary for page rank??


Hey buddy what are you talking about that is parked domain you've linked there :-)

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