Here is my website

I have a collapsible panel there that whenever it's clicked it shows a form where you add a question, answer and ID.

the first form is for a file on my server called questions.htm
the index.htm file is a live search results page that reads question titles from a file on my server called links.xml
In links.xml it links to questions.htm through


Question1 is the ID of the Question on questions.htm

In questions.htm
for example in the code

<p><a id="Question1">Q: Do I have to change my domain name</a>A: No, you can keep the same domain name or register a new one and direct it to the new location.</p>

What i want to do is in the first form, add a question and answer to questions.htm file under the last question on that page, and in the Question ID textbox field, for it to generate an ID for that question, for whatever is typed in that field.

The second form is meant to add a new link to the links.xml file.
the Question box would add a <link> opening tag first and then for question it would create a <title></title> tags with the typed question going between it and then for Question ID whatever is typed would create a <url></url> tag generating questions.htm# whatever the ID is typed in the field and closed the </title> tag.

Is this possible to do? Can somebody assist me with writing a code like this? Thanks.

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