hi everyone...

i have a page running html and javascript...

basically its a faq page, viewers click on a question heading and then the related questions appear below (done using the js hide command)

i had the problem where everytime i clicked a heading the page went back to the top of the screen, so i used the "#Top" command in the href of the heading...this works perfect in firefox, the screen stays in the same place and is great, however, this wont work in internet explorer...the screen still goes back to the top of the page

i thought because the #Top is a stadard command then it would work in all browsers? obviously not....so does anyone know of any alternative i can use to help me fix this?

i thought there may be a way with js to do it but im only just learnig that so im not experienced enough to code anything myself.

any help is appreciated, thanks

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You need the following just after the body tag.

<a name="Top"></a>

ahhhh ok great ill add that now!

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