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We have a web based application in which users can give orders to their supplier. This process consists of login to the application, selecting supplier, get the products for the supplier, and select the products, key in order delivery date and comments. This process has 4, 5 steps (4, 5 web pages).We have developed this application in struts2 environment. We also have mobile (e.g.: I-phone) version of this application.

Now I have a requirement that the user can give the orders in offline from I-phone. Once the user creates the orders while offline, the data should be store some where in local storage in mobile device. As soon as the user goes online, the order should be submitted to main server and data should be sync with server database.

I have done some research on web, and found out that I can develop this sort of application using HTML5, JavaScript and css.

Now here are my questions.
1) Am i going in right direction? Is these technologies perfect fit with my requirements?
2) As I told you I have used Struts2 environment, where I used lots of JSP’s. Is there anyway I can use the existing JSP’s as HTML5 files? Or Do I need to develop new HTML5 web pages just for this purpose.
3) Is offline application only works in one page environment? As I told you I have order processing which might consists of 4,5 steps(4,5 web pages).
4) HTML5 has local storage facility (i.e. SQLITE), as I am using MYSQL in my application. How can I sync SQLITE with MYSQL?

I would be greatly appreciate for any sore of help.

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