I want to be a web developer .how can i learn perfect jquery? Is here any way to learn complete jquery Online?

It depends on what you want to accomplish. To develop new plugins, you will need to know Javascript and the options available using the JQuery module. If you just want to use existing plugins, you just download them and experiment with them.

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> perfect jquery

Not the term I would use. If you study js/jquery for 5 years I doubt v much whether you'd be able to produce perfect jquery. All code is ridden with bugs. Most code could do with a bit of optimization.

The main challenge for me (as a non-js coder - I just do it when I have to), is to produce an workable algorithm for the process. Once you've got that sorted, coding is far more straightforward. All languages have their own little foibles and 'best practice' though. The biggest headache and paradoxically, the biggest facilitator for me, is 'chaining'.