Hello guys.. I have this website called jupiter.php. It's code ignitered. I want to put it in my friend's website called www.planet.com. My website should be accessed like this: www.planet.com/jupiter. Problem is, I don't know how to. Should I ask what programming language or web server my friend is using? I don't know where to start or what keywords to type in google. Can anyone tell me?? If it's hard or takes time, can you please direct me to a tutorial?

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I think your friend need to add the jupiter website in a separate folder on the same host, then configure his .htaccess or other php files to make the website accessible as you have shown

^^ do we need to use the same server? I'm using xampp but my friend is using phpdev.
Im also using php. my friend is using asp.

It sort of depends on what jupiter.php actually does and how it would be used. You could access it remotely using an html iframe element.

thankx. Im gonna try to research more about this iframe element.
jupiter.php will add, delete and perform operations on its own. It's completely separate from planet.com. It's just that, it must be accessed from planet.com.
It won't need to conform with my friend's programming language and the server it is using right?

All you really should have to do is create an iframe box on planet.com, and have the iframes src tag reference your jupiter web site.

IFrames are used to load data/information from an entirely separate site that is normally hosted on a different server.

thanks guys. you've been a great help.

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