Hi, I have been learning PHP/Mysql for only a few moths and am working on my own dynamic web-site. Stuck on what is probably very simple.

User inputs name($name)in form.
Table containing it has 15 fields - $name could be in any or none
How do I put $name into a query that will find the field it is in and echo the row ?

Thank you to anyone replying.

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It's difficult to figure out what you are trying to do. However you could select an entire row and then use WHERE in your query.

SELECT * FROM yourtable WHERE id=uniquenumber AND name=$name;

or rather (excuse my pseudocode:

SELECT * FROM yourtable WHERE id=uniquenumber;
if ($name exists) {
//do something

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$r=mysql_query('SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `column1`="'.$name'" OR  `column2`="'.$name'" OR  `column3`="'.$name'" OR  `column4`="'.$name'" OR  `column5`="'.$name'" OR  `column6`="'.$name'" OR  `column7`="'.$name'" OR  `column8`="'.$name'" OR  `column9`="'.$name'" OR  `column10`="'.$name'" OR  `column11`="'.$name'" OR  `column12`="'.$name'" OR  `column13`="'.$name'" OR  `column14`="'.$name'" OR  `column15`="'.$name'"') or die(mysql_error());

if (mysql_num_rows($r)>0) {
//it exists
echo '<xmp>'; print_r($row); echo '</xmp>';
} else {
echo 'No results found.';
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