So I learn and write php. Very messy I am sure.

I find that MySQL is deprecated and no longer the latest and greatest.

I want to take my app offline.

Ok, but how can I do that if the remote server is not a option?

How do I store data, from the browser, in to a remote server for extra user back reasons?

I fill like ai have fallen off the ship with new information, and earlier this month I thought the ship was PHP.


Anybody know my next step?

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You can install a local server, or am I completely missing your point?

I agree some further explanation is necessary.

PHP is a server-side language so it is meant to run on a server.
HTML5 introduces some client-side storage mechanisms, but their support is going to be relatively limited and I'd be hard pressed to use them unless you're targeting a specific platform that you know supports it.

I want to take the app offline. When offline use the local storage. One back online update server

would be ideal.

Is that possible?

Correction to my post: Once back ONLINE update ALL the submitted data to the server.

does that help?

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Do I get you right that you want your remote site to write to a local store? And then once your remote DB is working update the server with data stored locally?

I don't think you want to do that. Users having access to your local machine doesn't sound v. nice. How about storing data in a remote file(s) for now? Then when things are sorted, update the DB? Not ideal though- depends on how much data you're talking about.

Have you contacted your host wrt this? Perhaps closing your site until it's rectified? It may sound harsh, but you don't want to lose users' data.


Are you talking about local site -> local storage?
If so, install MySQL (e.g. via XAMPP) and store data there. You can create an SQL dump file and load it to the remote DB later on.

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