Hi to all,

I need help regarding my project in asp.net

Firstly, in my project there are two faces one is administrator and another is user.

Secondly, an administrator has following roles

1. He must be able to add, edit/update, or delete a category( e.g. book, phone cards, cds, dvds, etc.)

2. And under each category he must be able to add, edit/update, or delete a item. For example, under phone cards category he must be able to add, edit or delete phone cards(price, change name of phone card, etc.)

And Lastly, the user must have one login page and after successfully logged in he must be able to buy items from different categories, etc.

And the database must be access or sql server.

Please help me.


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With which specific area do you need help? What do you know how to do already? No one is going to write your application for you, so you need to ask specific questions.

In any data-driven project, you need to start with the database design. Are you using Access, or SQL Server? Decide. Do you know SQL? The basics of data normalization?

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