I did some reaserach and found out that CDONTS.NewMail is been replaced with CDO.Message, and I implemented CDO.Message on my code but it gives me an error on the folowing line : Mail.Body= MyBody it says it does not recognise the 'Body' object, but this works on CDONTS.NewMail so can some1 show me how to convert this line to the new setting...
can u also show me how to specify the port number on my code....

:( Anybody got any ideas on how to download software for my Z11 Series ColorFine Printer, just got another PC and have not got software for printer, I gather it is an old printer and therefore not catered for on this computer. If anyone could help I would be very greatful. :( :)

to my knowledge its still cdonts.newmail etc.. the messege thing is a new bit they are working on or something. the upgrade to cdonts... is cdosys.

CDO uses Mail.HTMLBody=htmlbody and Mail.TEXTBody=textbody to declare the contents for the body of the email. Obviously HTMLBody is for HTML content, and TEXTBody is for plain text.

cdonts is server component and not avilable in XP, so thts why in xp there is cdo
so if u r deploying on server then no need to change
but if u r deploying on xp machine then u need to change it