hello forum,

i work with oscommerce and i have to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3.

since all my tables --products, categories etc. are in 2.2 i thought i would just
install 2.3 and then import the 2.2 db and viola!! but it did not, and does not work
like that.

i was given the advice to install 2.3 and then change the structure of the 2.2 db
to match the 2.3 db and then import only the certain tables needed.

i sure i can do this in phpmyadmin, but i would have to do this manually.

i thought i would come and ask if there is a utility or some simpler more effecient
way of doing this.

if someone could advise or refer me to an example or tutorial or article referring
to this scenario, i would be grateful.


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have you tried the oscommerce forum. Although you may strike it lucky with a member that has used osc, the site itself should be the best place to ask specific questions with regard to the product.

as for tool MySQL workbench is better than PHPMyAdmin

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