Is this possible to send a request to servlet from socket client?
I use request.getInputStream method to get client request. I got an error
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Transfer Encoding:chunked
Date:Fri,04 Nov 2011

How can I achieve my task??

Yes, if you provide Web Service

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible on local host??

Yes, you either adjust your "hosts" file to fake domain on your pc or just query localhost

Can you tell me the exact code for this?

Can you tell me the exact code for this?

Code for what?
If you looking for "hosts" just google for hosts operating system name you use and add domain. If you want to know about Web Services then you should read either book or Oracle tutorial (there is no "silver bullet"/fast solution for this)

I want to know how a servlet accepts the socket client request.
What you have said is possible on localhost. Plzzz can you help me by suggesting a good tutorial. I have not found any. Thanks you once again.

I'm not aware of any "quick" tutorial. There is the official Oracle tutorial as linked above, there are some Eclipse based tutorials like this and then the long route of book reading