In my company, we have a big excel sheet that we use it as a data entry. This matrix is filled with the data by many employees. each employee is required to fill specfic cells in that data entry. Now, we want to automate this matrix by developing a web-based system that contains this matrix. I am new ASP.NET developer and I just developed two systems with it. Now, I want to know what is the proper way to develop this matrix and if there is any example that can help me in this issue.

Should I use one of the controls like GridView, ListView or DetailsView for this issue? Which technique I should use for developing this?

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user gridview for your solution

It's basically a matter of style. Last time, I was also assigned to do a similar project like this. I found that there are two alternatives to do it. First is OLEDB second is using Interop. Both has pros and cons. This website here will lead you how to use both methods.

I experienced that using OLEDB is easier at beginning, but later on in case you want to extend your application to do more functionalities you will find a lot of difficulties. However, if you are sure that your application is limited to basic view/edit function and you need to develop it fast, I suggest you use OLEDB.

But, if you tink you might need to extend the application in the future, I suggest you use Interop. Although if you are really new, you might need to take some time to learn how to use it. So maybe you won't be able to develop the application fast enough.

At last regarding the viewing, again it's basically a matter of style. Gridview is good enough and a standard view for most application. As for the Listview and Detailsview is not as in my favour due to my company's preference.

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