Hello everyone,

I've made a client web project, which is working using Tomcat server that, in turn, connects to a server that wait socket connections in a port.

If I start eclipse and tomcat and run the server side, I can access the application using any browser by internet.

I've also exported the project as .war archive file.

Basically, what I would like to do would be having an icon and double click it in such a way a browser would open and give access to the web site of the web project, and if possible a way of installing the web client project archive war file without having to open eclipse and installing tomcat and server side, the way runnable jars are run.

I would really appreciate your help.


Well you obviously misunderstood concept and usage of WAR file. War unlike JAR file is not self executable, it is simple package similar to ZIP or RAR. You have to deploy WAR file to Java web server or container like Tomcat/Jetty/JBoss etc to be able to run your final application