Hi All!

I'm doing a web application (jsp) where I have several texts displayed and highlights the text rolling mouse over it.

I would like to pass an entire text as an applet parameter, so that the the text can be seen in a text pane/editor.

At the moment I have an <iframe> that shows the text from the source. I would like to pass this text as a parameter to the applet and see it in the webpage. I've seen examples where they pass a String and it works fine. However, I would like to pass the whole text.

Thank you for your help.

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Have you tried it already and it didn't work?
In case it shouldn't work, writing the text to a temporary file and loading from that file isn't an option? Why do you absolutely want to give a full text as a parameter?

thanks, maybe I could do it in a different way, passing the file name as argument, and read it from file

Let us know should you need any further assistance :)

Actually, I would like to know if an applet in a jsp makes the system become very heavy. The web application i'm building will be connected to a database (Mysql and jdbc) and would have an applet that would highlight several columns of text depending on certain similarities when compared to a main text.

I was told the applet is not a very good idea to put in a jsp, and that I should use another language such as javascript..?

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