Dear all

I am creating a web application for my company. My application has a button and a textbox.

What I want to do is entering some value into the textbox and then when i click the button the application will process the value based on the input in the textbox.

Now here is the tricky part.

After the button is clicked once and the text in textbox remains, the button shall disappear.

However if there is modification in the textbox.text, the button shall reappear.

But if the textbox.tex somehow return to original value, the button shall disappear again.

Please its quite urgent, I have tried my best to do it already, yet so far unsuccessful. I also did a lot of research in Google, but so far none of my findings suit my case.

Your help is appreciated.

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Store the first input in a variable when the button is clicked and then disable the button. In the onTtextChanged function of the textbox check all new input and if it matches the saved variable do nothing, else re-enable (or make visible - enable is better) the button.


Hey, I managed to solve this problem already on my own. Thank's for those who have replied..

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