Hi community,

I recently started learning html and I tried to make a short feedback form. That should send the data over to a php file and that should append it to a txt file. However, every time I try to submit my form data, I keep just seeing the PHP code. I have installed php.

$name = $_post['username'];
$email = $_post['pass'];
$fp = fopen(”formdata.txt”, “a”);
$savestring = $name . “,” . $email . “n”;
fwrite($fp, $savestring);
echo “<h1>You data has been saved in a text file!</h1>”;
<form name="userpassform" id="user_pass_form" action="formsaver.php" method="post">
Username<input type="text" name="username"/> <br />
Password<input type="password" name="pass"/> <br />
<input type="submit" value="Submit"/>
<input type="reset">

I'm running everything locally from my computer. Help is appreciated =)

Kind regards

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Check that the files you are using are being ran through localhost.

Make sure all your services are started.

If you're running Apache, and PHP, have you installed and configured mod_php5? This is what essentially links the two and tells the web server to parse the PHP code, rather than just return it.

You don't need to login to the database to run your script. However, your Apache server must be on.

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