Hello. I am ok at php. I am making a web site. The problem is that when i try to decrease the size of the browser that contains my site, the elements on the page distort and get all tangled up. how do you make the browser just cut of anything that cant fit in the browsers window? thanks.

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Define your element widths.


Then the widths will be set and wont move. sounds like you have it set to percentages or not set at all. if not set they will be 100 percent width and if set to a percent rather than a set pixel width then the in question elements widths will be a percent of the page.

So yeah. set your widths so a defined size.

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This is nothing to do with php. It's CSS. Have a look at responsive web design and media queries in order to make your site fully fluid. Static width sites seem to be a thing of the past.

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