I have downloaded the latest dev build of Google Chrome (Version 17.0.942.0) which is the latest dev build.

Thanks.which supports the hybi 10 websockets protocol.

After running the websockets server (IP, if I try the websocket client program on the server itself, it works. However if I run it on another client (which of course is not a server), the websocket server reports an error.

"New Connection from"
"Connection closed <>. Reason: 1002"

Reason 1002 is a protocol error. Since the error is reported on the server, it is obvious that client is able to communicate properly with the sockets server.

Will appreciate all help in getting this to work. I've been trying to get this to work for the last 2 days and I am tearing my hair apart.

Thanks again in advance.

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I can't help but it seems to depend on the Client behavior:

The client MUST mask all frames sent to the server. A server MUST close the connection upon receiving a frame with the MASK bit set to 0. In this case, a server MAY send a close frame with a status code of 1002 (protocol error) as defined in Section 7.4.1.

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