how about learning PHP
what can be the suggested books?

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I started learning PHP 6 years ago and found myself perfect at PHP after just two years.

I used no books, but just gave myself tasks :)
"Would be awesome with a single line of code writing 10 lines of text huh?"
- Much time of googling and bugging around later:

for($i = 0; $i < 10; i++) echo "The baby is ", $i, " years old!<br />";

That is my preferred way of learning - gives a lot of practical experience :)

The first step to learning PHP is "googling it out"! Though I learned PHP without any books/tutors but I recomment you to use one because there many things which are skipped out in tutorials and can be very useful. I have heard that oreilly PHP book is a good one.

how about learning PHP
what can be the suggested books?

Prentice Hall has a book (ISBN: 0-13-187508-6) PHP and MySQL by Example
By Ellie Quigley with Marko Gargenta. This books assumes nothing from beginning to end. You start out with VERY basic work, and progress all the way through OOP programming techniques. There is a bonus of being enjoyable too....

Good luck in your future programming career.

How you go about it depends on how you learn best. Some people need to have a course with an instructor, others can do tutorials and others like me prefer to jump in an thrash about and go looking for the info as they need it. W3Schools provides good tutorials and a good reference as you go.

I also recommend W3Schools. As well as the book
Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development, if your willing to invest. Also there are a few good PHP Video tutorials on Youtube etc. But beware some of them will lead you to write buggy & vulnerable code.

challenge yourself.
I have been learning php for only a few months and i'm constantly asking questions guru's can't answer.
mix and match scripts
best things to learn is:

and most important CSS

these will help you create greate sites


As noted before check out it's probably the best resource online. I'm also working on a PHP resource at Learn PHP in 24 Hours, but at this point it hardly compares to w3schools.

I recommend making a php project. You won't know much when you start but Google is a great resource anytime you run into problems. You will learn rapidly if you do it from an applied learning approach.

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Buy a book - they are peer reviewed and tend to be more robust. Any fool can write an online tutorial. W3Schools is good, but not error-free. It is even misguided in some of its snippets. Wrox and O'Reilly have good examples of what you need. You can relax with a book, pick it up, flick to more interesting pages, review, review, review. Grab some insight for a big project. Online tutorials tend to be little bits here and there, which means you lose the big picture, that is where all these little gems of info are leading you.

BTW - books aren't error-free and will age quickly, but by then, you're ready to move on and are able to sort good sites from bad sites.

& of course, when you get stuck on a project, ask here

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To learn php, there are many tutorials all over the web. You can start as many people suggest from w3school for beginners

You may try "PHP for Dummie" and W3Schools also.
It's best for newbies . Good Luck.

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