I am trying to create a series of links that will show an element and then open up up the a different element for each. I have it so that I can create on, but I was wondering if somone could help me figure out how I can get it to do 2 times.

This is my jquery

		$.cookie('display', 'shown');
		$.cookie('display', 'hidden');
		    var display = $.cookie('display');

    // Set the user's selection for the left column
    if (display == 'shown') {
    // Set the user's selection for the right column
    if (display == 'hidden') {

this is my link

<div class="add">
          Add widget:  <a id="Frontline" href="">Frontline</a> |<a id="Facebook" href="">Facebook</a> |   

this is the list item that will appear and disappear.
<li class="widget color-white" id="widget-FL" style="display:none;">this is Frontline <a href="" class="close">close</a></li>
<li class="widget color-white" id="widget-FB" style="display:none;">this is Facebook <a href="" class="close">close</a></li>

Thank you in advance,