I have a script in PHP prepared by a third party some time ago, and when I open it up in Dreamweaver, it just looks a mess. I am not so familiar with Dreamweaver, but is this just a setup issue? Do I need to import all the files associated with the website into Dreamweaver somehow in order to see this PHP page (which has inline css, HTML and javascript)?

Its actually fine on the website itself. Its just not WYSIWYG within the development environment.

Thanks, Jon

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Attaching images that show the problem in Dreamweaver, and what it looks like on the live site.

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Dreamweaver is rubbish for previewing. I don't know anybody that uses that functionality. Just run it on localhost and test in a suite of browsers. I take it (hope) you're not using the Design View to build you page.


I was hoping to use the design view to revise the page, but it looks like its not possible.


If you want to use design view to revise the page then yes you also need the related css and image files on your local machine within the site as they are on the remote server.


Live View in DW is better (depends which version you have). The multiscreen option is quite useful too, but don't depend on it. There's no substitute for testing a site on native devices with the native OS and browser. There are however a number of emulators out there.

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