Anyone help me as soon as possible :
I want to pass more than 1 value through Query String
I use the Code but it not working :

                              <td><a href="patmedrcd.jsp?id=<%=patid%> & q123=<%=qid%>"> View Patient's Medical Record</a></td>

and i get the value by this code :

String idpat=request.getParameter("id");
        String idq=request.getParameter("q123");

But It gave only first string value ( id=<%=patid%> )
2nd one is fetched NULL

Please Help Me OUT!!!

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Don't place spaces around the &

And don't use scriptlets. Learn how to do it all right. See the JEE 6 tutorials, and read through them completely.

for my knowledge cookies/sessions will be the right choice for this problem

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