Hi All,

I've this problem with cookies. I am lost as I can't understand why this code does not work as expected.

Please help!!

$rq =$_REQUEST['r']  ;
$value = $_REQUEST['v'];
setcookie("XYZ",$value, time()+60*60*24*30) ;
echo "Value is ".$value; 
if ($rq =='showdata'){
    echo "Cookie is".$_COOKIE['XYZ'];

Output: when passing values r=showdata&v=test and pressing F5 repeatedly.

Value is testArray
[XYZ] =>
[PHPSESSID] => 060ee31ae35b8fb1262d0660bd925746
Cookie is

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USe $_GET instead of $_REQUEST

You can't show the cookie on the same page as when you set it. You need another call to the server for this. However, I think it should show on second load.

Yes tried it and it loaded on second load, giving an error first time around.

Search the cookies in the browser to see if it's stored where you think. The path could be wrong.

Thanks Ardav for your response.

You'll notice that the array output in the browser does show the cookie name. However, it doesn't show the value that was set.

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No I know. That's why I asked you to check the cookie path in the browser storage.