I want to open a html or jsp page with a jsp command
please help me
thank you

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You can't open something on the client from the server. You can send a piece of html (when asked of course) that contains a piece of javascript that in turn requests another piece of html.

of course.
I don't want to open a html or jsp page in client.
I want to open a html or jsp page in server with a jsp command.
thank you.
please help me immediately. :sad:

you mean make an HTTP call to an HTML page or some other URL and capture the output?

HttpURLConnection is your friend. From it you can get an InputStream from which you can read the data returned by the request.

do you want all html pages to be treated as jsp? modify your .htaccess file and AddType so that your html will be handled as jsp files, this is generally a bad idea, but you can do it if you want too

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