Dear Friends,

I'm developing a website that can show online users, When ever a user logged we can update the status to "Online" On our database. Now i'm using AJAX.

Is it possible to show the online users without refreshing a page ? That means timed interval for a ajax function.

Checking database for online users every secound using ajax or javascript ? like facebook and gmail. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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<script type="text/javascript">
function timeMsg()
var t=setTimeout("alertMsg()",3000);
function alertMsg()

<input type="button" value="Display alert box in 3 seconds"
onclick="timeMsg()" />

Dear makman99,

Thanks for the reply.. but there he used onClick function on a input device. But here i need automatically refresh a div with ajax. That means Its check every time to database and display online friends. I think u got this..

First you create a action page in php which will return you latest info you want to display.
I mean I guess you know using ajax or jquery to post and retrive data.

Now You call that ajax/jquery function using timer

jquery tutorial u may find here

krish, those links were examples. You merely need to replace on_click functions with on_load

<body onLoad="StartUpdate()">
function UpdateOnlineUsers()

function StartUpdate()
setInterval("UpdateOnlineUsers()",1000); //Updates online users every second


Thanks makman99,

Its working great

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