Can someone share the use of .htaccess and the sample of the code..

Is this .htaccess really usefull?


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Can you share with me the complete example or tutorial of .htaccess

Everything is in the link I showed. Is there something particular you're looking for ?

.htaccess is used for many things. It can be used to set the settings of the apache vhost, restrict access, manage password protected directories and passwords, rewrite urls so it apears as if a page is something else... Alot.

why https:// (edited in .htaccess) cannot be used in my live domain?
or should i need to buy the SSL Security from my domain provider?

copy and paste the line from your htaccess file

In order to use SSL you have to have a cert installed. Buying a signed cert is a commercial thing. Honestly when you buy a cert from godaddy or the likes you are only buying a guarantee from the cert provider. They are signing off on your ssl certification. If your ssl cert is transferred through any insecure means or left unattended in a insecure environment, then it is basically worthless. A unsigned cert(free) can be just as good as a signed one but people won't trust it because it is not backed by a vendor.

i followed this code:

[B]RewriteEngine On 
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L][/B]

Whats your url? Thats not right.

paste your whole htaccess . because that don't make sense. That says any connection coming on port 80 will be redirected to and when going to your site. It doesn't rewrite to the address. If that was really your htaccess or your htaccess was enabled then it would rewrite to https:// and that is not happening.

only that code, do you have the full example?

Whats the permissions of that file?

I'm only asking because your rewrite rules are not working.


thats why im looking the right one..
some says, it depends to ur domain provider...


thats whyn im asking

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