Hi every body

i was create some forms for uploading files.
when i tried to upload some files with less than a MB there is no problem and it works well but when the size of file that i want to upload it, is over than 10 MB i faced with undefined error for my file field . please help me with this problem .


copy("$tmppic", "newspictures/$namepic")

//insert query and etc...

The possible cause of the issue should be the size limit on your server side.

You can change the value at the following line in the php.ini file and try again.
upload_max_filesize = 20M

i tested in local with easy php too.
what about easy php ?
where can i find the php.ini file in the local

How can i find and change size limitation ?
also i 'm working in local in easy php
help me ????

Find you PHP.INI file as catherine sea stated.

please give me the php code that u used in your uploading function
Maybe i can find some reason for this

i think u used an upload class
u can edit class setting

i didn't do that .
i found upload_max_filesize = 2M in the server side in php configuration but as i said the problem still in the local side too even when i tested with easy php . i think that this is a kind of default limitation for uploading some files that contain huge amount of size . i couldn't find how to edit or changing this restriction