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Well repeater, List and Gridview controls are used to bind the large data where you want to show the instant summary of something..the famous example is your email inbox where you see the From, message and date and then you can dig into it. Now these controls have some difference e.g. Gridview is more rich control provides various events like sorting, paging etc and also you can have editable columns and many more thats why it is heavy in term of loading and avoid to use if you only want to show some data and don't need to have complex functionalities. The Repeater control is lighter data representation control where you can define your own data layout in html Table structure e.g. Header Template, Item Template, you can customize it as much as you can and thats the reason I like it. e.g. If you go to any users profile page where you see the Picture of users and little description on right in vertical order. You can make such application using Repeater control.

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