Hello all. I have an email that i am sending with html. In the html is some php. I want it so that when someone opens the email i receive a confirmation. I am using this code for it.

mail($sendto, $subject, $message, $header);

It does not work. One thing i have noticed is that, when i try to echo something to error test it, this happens.

if i type my echo like this it works


thats not normally how i would type it.

if i type this how i normally would . it doesn't echo to the screen


is there something i do not know about writing php in an html email. Either way how could i get a mail sent automatically when someone opens it. I dont need their email. I'm only sending an email back to my email address. thanks all


Syntex for mail()function is:
Parameters to,subject & message are required,header& parameters are optional.


Hello. Does this mail() need to be run from somthing like xxamp where your smtl is previously configured. im tring to do this from an email?