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Hello! I have made my web site tamplate, and know is the time to add to CMS. But i have problem in the internet have so many type CMS source, but all what i have tryed (somewhere about 20) i didn't like, becous some have features that i don't need and piss me off, but some have nothing. So i ask for people to try me help find source what would be for me.

Things what need to be in CMS :

1)Adminstration Panel*
2)Calendar Module
3)Gallery Module*
4)Can switch modules with position.*
5)Use MySQL
6)Written in PHP
7)Easy to make pages*
8)Easy to customize*
9)Have Menu with Sub-Pages*
10)In page can add images*
11)Text editor*
13)Tamplate Module
14)CMS need to be maked by Block System*
15)Could edit/make blocks*

*Things to be required

I will be happy if you could help.

Mybe don't have CMS like i want so post you'r advice what CMS to use!

Thanks before,
With regards Blaaam

Coding yours is perfect solution. Otherwise you have to live with waht is available. If you want to code one, checking PHP framework will be of great help!

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