I'm a brand new Junior Developer with about 5 months experience in ASP.NET building pages using .aspx with code behind, etc.

I luckily just landed my first new job and my first project handed to me as I got set up is to have information input in a table on an ASP page send to an email rather than the SharePoint site it used to go to (they upgraded from 2007 to 2010).

My first thoughts were to take all the information collected from the table controls (dropdowns, textboxes) and make one mail message string out of them.. but..

I have no idea yet how to create code in ASP to send a mail message even if I get the code right to take all the input and make it a string in ASP.

Anyone have any suggestions for the new guy?

Thank you in advance.

I'll go ahead and reply to myself.

After some research it looks like it was all in Javascript.. I've been self educating in some Javascript now to help me with the old ASP stuff.

Thanks for anyone who was about to reply and maybe I just beat you to it..

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