This may help others too here if i succeed.

I created a web form (mysql database) by phprunner v6.0. all went well. form is showing mysql data, can submit, edit add delete data. now there is a programming part which is need to be done and because of lack of php mysql programming knowledge (that why phprunner type program exist for people like me) I don,t know how to do it.

The form is all typical air booking form for flights between 4 cities only.

First part:-

How to control = number of seats for each flight (first, business, economy) so that if e.g economy seats are full, on form submission will get a msgs that no economy seats available. These number of seats will be put manually each time by the admin in mysql database for the particular flight which will be shown on the form page (fetch data) on selecting particular flight and date of the flight from the list.

I have no idea how to do this. all i can do is to create add edit delete mysql table but don't know the mysql database programming like linking different fields together which is necessary for my above request.

If any one knows phprunner very well and php programming will know this program creates the forms and backend to access the database for edit add delete etc. otherwise for php programmer, I will give him all the files i am using for my created form so that he understand better. This software created all files in .php extension with all the required folders (images, js etc) then all we do is to upload them on the web server. databse settings are inside this softwarew

anybody with gud idea of php airbooking form with mysql data?

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Got a good idea, but let me get this straight, you want somebody to do this for you. How much for this $$?

Got a good idea, but let me get this straight, you want somebody to do this for you. How much for this $$?

Well If I can pay, why I did not go to the websites I know who do this all for me and I have no headache at all. First thing is obvious that I am unable to pay their requested amount which is always huge and second thing is get done by your self while learning too with the help of unknown friend in several forum around the world. Also I did the part where form is there, data is submitted in the mysql database, can do all with the database add, edit, delete, print, export to excel etc etc. only required is the part I explained above for some calculation and linked tables. I want to learn too because have lack of knowledge in programming field and because of that I dont know how much work is required to complete my request. Is it complicated programming or for programmer not much work?

Doing part time job and to learn and get ease in my work is all I wanted and doing. In these helping learning type forums, people help for nothing and even if people want something for their effort is not bad at all. I cannot pay any good amount but if you can do this then I will pay something to appreciate your work. That is all I can do bro. You can tell me your efforts charges and if I am able to pay, I will tell you to do this job.

Hope you understand it all. Thanx in advance.

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