I am trying to create at user search for my website and I'm not sure where to start.

My table name is users with user_id, user_name, name

I'd like to be to search and have a page come up with the top 5 closest results.

Sorry if this question has been asked and that I have no code.

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You can use a SELECT query using LIKE and LIMIT. Start here:


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Note that you have to have MyISAM tables, to use full-text search.

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Thanks I will check those sites out. I make videos and I am a graphic designer for my company so they automatically assume I am a web programmer.

It doesn't seem to like it. One of the links says to say

"SELECT * FROM users LIKE %'John'%"

But I get an error and the query doesn't run when I have % in there.

Put the percentage signs inside the single quotes.

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Using LIKE has always bugged the hell out of me, as it doesn't take relevancy into account (e.g. exact matches before partials). I did a bit of searching for 'fulltext indexing'. I found this thread:


From which the following example has been cobbled:


SELECT *, MATCH(username) AGAINST ('John' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AS relevance 
FROM `users`
ORDER BY relevance DESC

I *think* you can use multiple fields for searching in the MATCH list too.

Note that you have to have MyISAM tables, to use full-text search.

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