Hey guys,

I'm working on a ajax drop down system.

I'm currently finding myself in a difficulty with a $_POST[].

The thing is that I want to explode my $_POST but it doesn't let me for something, cant find it out why.

case 2:
				$ex = $_POST['modelBox'];
				$explodeBox = explode('^',$ex);
				if($explodeBox[1] == '')
					$modelBox = ' WHERE model = "'.$explodeBox[0].'"';
					$modelBox = ' WHERE model = "'.$explodeBox[0].'" AND production_year = "'.$explodeBox[1].'"';
			$sql = 'SELECT DISTINCT(wheel_dimension),material FROM catalogue.wheel_code '.$modelBox.' ORDER BY wheel_dimension ASC;';
			$depts = mysql_query($sql);
			while (list($wheel_dimension,$material) = mysql_fetch_array($depts))
				echo $wheel_dimension."=".$wheel_dimension."*";

This is the $_POST ->

model = 'Golf IV Variant^01.99-04.07'
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You're using 'model' and 'modelBox' - change either one to the other.