Hello! Sorry for asking but i have really big favor to ask. If anyone is so kind to help me do that i would really appreciate it. I wouldn't even think to ask like that but have a due date till tomorrow. I know its last second but I was detained from health issues.

So this is what i have to do with jquery:


I totally understand if anyone will *** me out :)

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Naslov opravila means: Title of task
Vrsta opravila means Task kind
Nujnost opravila means Task priority
Datum vnosa means Date
Odstrani means Remove

1) You shouldn't post home-work tasks and expect people to just complete them.
2) You shouldn't have left your work until the last minute.

What is it you "can't" do? Like, you must have been taught in class how to do such things, maybe look back at the lecture notes?

How do you plan to store the tasks? Or, is it a pre-defined list of tasks? Is jQuery the only language that you can use?


Thats the problem, I left hospital yesterday and came home and saw that home-work. I know its not cool... but that happens :S Task would have to be stored via Web Storage.

it has to be done with jQuery yes. Thanks for reply

From the rules: Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from assignments.

Show some effort and ask specific questions about the part you are struggling with. Regardless of circumstance, this is not a homework completion service.