Hi, Am currently doing a PHP project which was full of SMS sending from my site to my client mobiles in india. I have searched and get lot of sms gateway api's worked fine . But now i want to create my OWN SMS GATEWAY API for my site in php. Could any one tell me what is the procedure to create that . Any help much appreciated . Thank You .:idea:

I haven't tried to create an sms gateway using php, but i already tried creating sms gateway api using javascript

Hi decade, Thank you for your reply, Could you please tell me what is the procedure to develop that and what i want to do now ?

Hi there Mohamed when you say OWN SMS GATEWAY API it does mean that the software that the gateway is to run will be on your server and that other websites can access your gateway through an API on the Internet ? If so may I suggest Kannel http://www.kannel.org/ or gammu http://wammu.eu/smsd/ .The general procedure for both is to configure the gateway then write the necessary scripts(php in your case).

Hai Keidi, Thank You For Your Reply.. I found that Wammu if good for me.. Thank you For Your Suggestion.

hello experts i am a new webie, can any body help me in creating my own sms gateway??
its my university project so i need your help. i can't buy any third party API's or sms creadits that are running there sms gateways
i want to create my own sms gateway for sending and recieving messages from web to web and my mobile will be connected with my PC will work as GSM modem
please guide me how i can do that

Hi mohamed,

Can you please tell how used wammu with php ?