i have site in which wheN people fill the form all rhe information get faxed and i should recive it.i registered with efax.can i code using CF_eFax. any body help me

I have not used eFax specifically but I have integrated with systems that send email by using the cfpop features of ColdFusion. This works best if you have an email address that is dedicated to getting faxes. cfpop will allow you to check the email in that account. You can then download the attachments as needed. cfschedule will allow you to check the email at an interval that keeps you up to date as needed.

more on cfpop:

i need to send fax to fax machine. is it possible by using this tag?

i need to send fax to fax machine. is it possible by using this tag?

The short answer is no. It does not look like the tag works with the new email-to-fax format supported by eFax.

From the looks of the eFax site the 2002 version of cf_efax may no longer work unless and updated version is available.

It looks like you can use cfmail to send faxes if you have a paid subscription to eFax. They layout the details on their site:

You should be able to do a CFMAIL to the fax number from the email address you used to sign up at eFax.

Your cfmail tag would look something like this where you had a file with text named test_for_email_to_fax.txt on the root of your C drive.

<cfmail to="1231234567@efaxsend.com" from="you@yourdomain.com"
<cfmailparam file = "c:\test_for_email_to_fax.txt" type="text/plain">

Other attachments are also acceptable:
More on the cfmail tag:
More on the cfmailparam tag:

I hope this helps.

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